Team Classes:
Pre­ entry $350.00 
Up to 5 riders
Each rider can ride their own bike or share bikes. Only ONE bike on course while all others must remain in the designated pit area.
No substitute riders.
Teams entering in classes based on rider ability must sign up in the class of their fastest rider.
For age classes the rider must be that age at time of event.
Sportsman can have A B or C riders to form the team

 Team Classes Race numbers as follows:

Team Expert: 100-199

Team Intermediate: 201-299
Team Amateur:  301-399
 Team 40+ A:  401-499
Team 40+ B: 501-599

Team 40+ C:  601-699
All numbers will be provided at sign up

Duo Classes:
Pre ­Entry $150.00
2 riders
Each rider can ride their own bike. Only ONE bike on course while all others must remain in the designated pit area.
No substitute riders.
Sportsman class comprised of entries with their highest level rider being an A B or C rider. 

Duo Class Race numbers as follows:

Duo Sportsman: Black Back Ground White Number 701-799

All numbers will be provided at sign up

Pre ­entry $75.00 
1 rider       1 bike
Parts Bike Allowed. Must race same frame for the entire race
 Sportsman class comprised of any skill level riders.
Ironman 40+ class must be of age at time of race. Class is A B or C level.

 Iron Class Race numbers as follows:
Ironman Sportsman: 801-899
Ironman 40+:  901-999

​All numbers will be provided at sign up

Limit of 75 total teams.  Duo Teams and Ironman classes have no limits but are still required to enter prior to the race.

Pre ­entry is mandatory to save time at signup.

$10 gate fee for the weekend. Under 6 is free.

 Pit vehicles will be allowed for $5. Pit Speed limit is 10mph at all times.

Gates Open 1pm May 31st 2019

 Registration will be open Friday 4pm to 8pm and Saturday 7am to 10am

 There will be a mandatory riders meeting at 10:30am Saturday morning.

 All riders are required to wear a helmet, goggles, boots, long pants, gloves, and a long sleeve shirt.

 Each team or rider will be assigned a pit area. All equipment is required to stay within the designated pit area.

 An EMT crew will be stationed next to the pit area for any medical needs.

 Any riders riding at night must have an operating headlight. A light mounted on the rider or on the bike is acceptable.  It is recommended a small flashlight is carried as well.

 There will be course marshals sweeping the course throughout the event to insure rider safety and rules are being followed. They will dispatch help for any broken down bikes or injured riders.

 If your bike breaks down on the trail, please stay with your bike. Sweep riders will arrange to get you back to your pit in a timely fashion.

 All riders and bikes will be required to go through tech inspection. You will need to bring your helmet and bike with you to tech. This is to insure  your bike has a exhaust and that your transponder is working. Every bike will be marked after going through Tech inspection.  

Payouts and Awards:

 Awards in each class will be paid as follows: 1st-­3rd place teams will receive awards. All members of the team will get a award.

 Other awards will be announced at the riders meeting.​

     Expert   Intermediate  Amateur  40+ A  40+ B  40+ C        

Sportsman Iron Man     40+ Iron Man     

Other Info

 All Numbers will be provided at time of sign up

 Pit spots will be first come first serve. There will be enough pit spots for every team. We will not reserve pit spots for you.

 Team name is encouraged. Please choose an appropriate team name. Any inappropriate names will not be posted.

 It is recommended to have at least two helmet lights or one helmet light and one bike light. This is for the riders safety.​

 Pit Area
All Team and Duo classes will be assigned a 20’x30’ pit area. Ironman classes will be assigned a 10X30 pit area.

 All bikes and equipment must stay within the assigned pit area due to limited pit space.

 Vehicles, campers, trailers, etc that will not fit or are not needed in the assigned pit space will be
parked or stored in the parking/camping area adjacent to the race pit area.

 The speed limit in the pit area is 10mph. For obvious safety reason this will be strictly enforced.

Any riders or teams found to be in violation of this will be penalized without warning. There is no racing through the pit area.

You must finish on the same bike that you started on. If your bike breaks down during the race you may repair that bike or use a team members bike.

 All repairs, fueling, and rider changes need to occur within the designated pit area.

 Bikes must be turned off during refueling.

 Pit roads are one direction.

 There will be a few light towers for pit row. However it is your responsibility to light your own pit area.

 Campfires are not permitted in pit area.